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My last post was FOUR WEEKS AGO. Holy crap. Guess I've been a little busy.

I was wide awake this morning at about 3am with an ah-ha moment. I really love those but not so much at that hour of the morning when it was after midnight when I turned in. Normally I would have gotten out of bed and wrote what I was thinking but it was too cold and I had a school visit this morning so I just tried to get back to sleep. It didn't work so well. I fell back asleep probably 15 minutes before my alarm went off - I HATE that.

School visits though - I love doing those. This particular group of teens was fantastic -or almost teens as I suppose most of them were between 11 and 13 - it was a six/seven class. The teacher who was also wonderful had read Libertad in class and the class had done a whole skit on the book during a school assembly last week. They showed me part of their skit today after my presentation. They lined up chairs in rows as if it were a bus and went on a chicken bus ride. They had Latin music playing and rubber chickens and kids were piled on top of each other in the seats just like you'd sit on a chicken bus. One boy was even pretending to run behind the bus. Anyhow, it was all very cool and so much fun. It's always so great to see children/teens get so involved in the books they're reading and also to see teachers getting children that involved in books.

This weekend I'm off to NYC for the SCBWI mid-year. I opted to take the train again instead of flying so I could get writing done so I better attempt to write. I'd like to have at least 1/2 of 'Nowhere but Here' editor ready and most of BURN by the end of Feb - hopefully more of each. And 12-14 hours on a train will help me meet that goal.

There's been so much going on that my writing has taken a back seat which is unfortunate for a lot of reasons. But after this weekend things will be slowing down again and I really need to push ahead with these novels.

Hope to see some of you in NY this weekend.
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