ReadtoThink (almafullerton) wrote,

Oh Man

 It's been like forever since I updated. What's happened since then? Let's see...

Libertad won the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz award. Won the Golden Oak Award. Was shortlisted for the 2010 MYRCA awards, won the Once Upon the World Children's book award (given by the Simon Wisenthal center in LA). It was also named an honor book for the Canadian Library Association Children's book of the Year and got on a couple of great lists. I've done two readings, three speeches, a character workshop and am doing another reading at the Books By the Bay Festival in North Bay this weekend - should be fun. Would love to do more of these - and more school visits when school is back in session. I love doing that kind of stuff.

I've gotten very little sleep in the last few months  - either people partying (not here) but around the neighborhood, or loud music or a car engine revving at the house next door or just insomnia - (mostly insomnia and the music thing). With insomnia I usually just get up and write. 

Weather here still sucks mostly rain and cool but we have had some nice days too. At least we are saving on air conditioning bills. Went fishing a few times. Caught a few fish - only two that I could keep but I don't fish to necessarily catch big fish but it's always nice.

I think that's about it mostly.

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